Company Profile

Company Profile

The Company was incorporated in Pakistan as a public limited company in February 2004 in the name of Eye TV Limited and later on 18 November 2004 the name was changed to Eye Television Network Limited, and finally on 21 January 2011 the Company name was changed to Hum Network Limited (HNL).

The Company received its first up-linking license for “HUM TV” to operate as an International Satellite Television Channel in October 2004 from Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) for a period of 15 years. Being the first ever Stock Exchange Listed Company in electronic media in Pakistan, HNL went live with its first channel “HUM TV” in January 2005. The company after acquiring its own state of the art up-linking equipment started up-linking directly from the company head office in Karachi. The up linking equipment was purchased by the company in March, 2006 and the company first uplinked directly from Pakistan on March 23rd 2006.

Initial Public Offering for HNL shares was made in June 2005 and the Company was formally listed at the Karachi Stock Exchange in August 2005.

For the first time in Pakistan a company entered into a share split, the board proposed a subdivision of a company’s capital from Rs 10 to Re 1 per share which was approved in the AGM held on October 27, 2014.

Also, HUM Network Limited amended its Memorandum of Association to expand the business into different industries and markets amongst other amendments and obtained the right to enter into any business outside the media industry, expanding into new markets and growing continuously.

The Authorized and the Paid up Capital of the Company is Rs.1,500M and Rs.945M respectively.

HNL is a journey towards being the best entertainment Network with brands within the television medium

  • HUM TV
  • HUM Masala
  • HUM Sitaray

HNL has to its umbrella three genre of monthly Magazines:

1. Glam – Showcasing latest trends and teaching its readers how to assume a distinctly chic and modern appearance.

2. Masala Tv Food Mag- about quality home cooking for the people who love to eat and cook.

3. Newsline Magazine – socio political magazine featuring aggressive journalism for its readers.

Masala Tv also launched a series of chef books featuring most sought after recipes of celebrity chefs.

Bridal Couture Week catalogues were introduced to showcase the latest bridal collection of designers featured in ground events.

All of the brands are strong and diverse entities on their own and leaders within their respective segments. The Network symbolises leadership commitment to entertain the masses.