HUM TV was launched in January 2005 with a vision to revive the demand for quality Pakistani content at a time when the audience was hooked to Indian content. The content mix consists of dramas, soaps, morning shows etc. For the past 4 years, HUM TV has been the biggest channel in the industry in terms of revenue. HNL is currently the premier channel in Pakistan in terms of advertising rates. Within a short span of time HUM TV established its self as the number 1 entertainment channel both within Pakistan as well as across other international regions like North America, Middle East, UK and Europe (regions where there is significant South Asian Diaspora).

HUM Sitaray

Launched in December 2013, Hum Sitaray caters the demand for both local as well as foreign content. The channel is positioned as a hybrid channel offering both narrative as well as format based entertainment shows.



HUM Masala

Masala TV is the first dedicated 24-hour Urdu food channel of Pakistan, and the first food channel to broadcast from Asia. Shortly after the launch in 2006, Masala became a household name that was recognized all across Pakistan. Undoubtedly, Masala is the market leader in food genre programming since its launch and all of its programs and chefs are recognizable household names. It offers viewers a blend of traditional and non-traditional magazine-style shows, cooking with top chefs, live interactive shows and food-oriented travel programming. Masala TV constantly strives to produce quality programs for our audiences and advertisers, with 24 hours of daily programming, 7 hours of which is live. Masala is now one of the few channels providing the maximum hours of fresh content among all day parts & genres.

Fresh content is not the only milestone but we have also been able to successfully hire and retain the best talent (chefs & programming teams) available in the food industry which include household names like Shireen Anwar, Rida Aftab, Zarnak Sidhwa, Samina Jalil, Mehboob Khan, Tahir Chaudhry, Basim Akhund and many more. These chefs share the unique blend of Pakistani & International recipes and the preparations with the viewers, who are always ready to learn something new.


Launched in May 2018, with a view to differentiate it from the rest of the news channels and to break the present news culture depicting a state of chaos with constant and unnecessary breaking news and news bulletin. Hum news is digital savvy, using state of the art graphics and virtual reality technology which has not been previously used in Pakistan.

With the moto “Agay ki Soch” the prime focus of Hum news is not just to highlight the current issues but also suggest solution to the key issues being faced by our youth. Our objective is to help the youth in channelizing their energies towards building a better future for themselves as well as the country.

Hum news successfully aired the election transmission in July 2018, the coverage of such a mega event was a tough ask from a news channel which has been launched just a month before the elections. The transmission was well planned with the numbers coming from all around the country, the data was gathered, presented and updated in real-time without any glitches in the transmission.